Our forestry management practices

ensure a perpetual supply of wood fibre to fuel the continued operations of our diverse portfolio of companies. The wood used in our companies is a truly renewable resource.”

NorSask Forest Products

MLTC has been in forestry management since 1987 when they became a minority shareholder in NorSask Forest Products. In 1998 MLTC acquired 100% stake in the company. NorSask takes pride in manufacturing high quality lumber, achieving high productivity and safety standards and in being the largest wholly First Nations owned sawmill in Canada. NorSask produces approximately 120 million board feet of lumber annually.

NorSask Forest Products
Meadow Lake, SK
(306) 236-5601

Mistik Management Ltd.

Mistik logoMistik Management Ltd., a woodlands management company, provides timber and forestry services to its owners: NorSask Forest Products (50%) and Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Limited Partnership (50%). Mistik maintains ISO 14001, CSA (PEFC), and FSC certifications related to its woodlands operations. Mistik is dedicated to the sustainable use and stewardship of 1.8 million hectares of boreal forest in northwest Saskatchewan.

Mistik Managment
Meadow Lake, SK
(306) 236-4431


Sakaw Askiy logoSakâw Askiy Management Inc. is a unique partnership of eight shareholders with forestry interests in northern Saskatchewan. The entity was formed to jointly assume the Forest Management Agreement (FMA) and its management responsibilities. Sakâw holds the FMA area under license with the Province of Saskatchewan and is responsible for monitoring and reporting on harvesting and silviculture operations. As a shareholder, NorSask holds a softwood allocation of 175,000 m3/yr, which contributes to a sustainable fibre supply for MLTC II’s operations.

Sakaw-Askiy Management Inc
Prince Albert, SK