Our forestry management practices

ensure a perpetual supply of wood fibre to fuel the continued operations of our diverse portfolio of companies. The wood used in our companies is a truly renewable resource.”

MLTC Northern Trucking and NorSask Transport





MLTC Northern Trucking transports forestry products. Northern Trucking has invested heavily in driver training and safety programs because company drivers haul the heaviest, highest and widest loads allowed on Saskatchewan highways.

The company makes it a priority to attract and retain First Nations drivers through training and other incentives. Northern Trucking’s reliable and well-trained workforce provides not only excellent service to its sister companies, but also a competitive advantage which has resulted in several high-growth opportunities for the MLTC II family of companies.

MLTC Northern Trucking is located about 6 km east of Meadow Lake.

Erica Gladue, General Manager
MLTC Northern Trucking
Box 1891, Meadow Lake SK S9X 1Z3
(306) 236-6177