The future is bright! Meadow Lake Tribal Council’s newest business venture, MLTC Industrial Investments, is poised to maximize the existing synergies among the companies already within its portfolio.

The operations of NorSask Forest Products, MLTC Northern Trucking, NorSask Transport, and Polar Oils work in tandem to harvest and transport logs for lumber production and ship the finished goods to market. Now, we are expanding that model to create value from further manufacturing, sales and shipping of byproducts.

The true value of the MLTC’s land and forestry holdings will come full circle with the construction of a new 36MW bioenergy power plant, realizing maximum benefit from an existing and renewable source of energy.

As we move into exciting new sectors of the economy, our leadership in responsible business development will continue to bring prosperity to the nine First Nations of the MLTC who are our shareholders.